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API documentation


Make a choice between the following options. Please notice our documentations are only available in English.

Full documentation

Full documentation

More extended documentation with information about the authorization and structure of the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.
Swagger UI

Swagger UI

Recommended for advanced users, view all endpoints and try them out immediately with an API-key.
Postman file

Postman file

Download API endpoints into Postman and try them out immediately with an API-key.

Import into Postman

  1. Open Postman
    (assuming you have already downloaded and installed Postman)
  2. Click on the Import button on the top right, of the left sidebar
  3. Copy and paste the following url:
  4. The endpoints should be available
  5. Do not forget to set your authentication token for the collection.
  6. Make your first API-request!