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Frequently asked questions

What can I do with this service?

Through this service (API Web Service) is easy to receive Belgian company data from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and integrate it in third-party applications. Consider, for example, accounting and administrative programs, but also registrations on websites that expect a valid company number. This can all be validated by using our API.

Why is Mollie mentioned in my debit?

Mollie BV is a recognized intermediary who makes payments on this website on our behalf.

Why am I obliged to provide my VAT number?

If you are subject to VAT and therefore have a VAT number, this must be stated on the invoice. For this reason, we verify the VAT number and place it on the invoice that will be sent to you.

When can I use the API?

You can use the API immediately after completing the payment. If you don't have any API-tokens yet, you can create them on your dashboard. Usually your online payment is confirmed by your bank immediately after payment, except for a bank transfer, which can take up to three days.

What is FaimMedia?

FaimMedia BV is the organization behind the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises API . All correspondence regarding this website takes place with FaimMedia BV. We are a Dutch commercial company and not part of the Belgian government.

What is the difference between a search-request and a 'regular' request?

A search-request includes all requests that reply with a response containing multiple pages. It uses a query to search for a certain record, therefore, distinguishes has been made in the limiting. The remaining limits you can use, can be found on your dashboard.

Can I change my invoice details afterwards?

You can always change your invoice details after registration. For example, if your company moves or has a new branch. However, changing your details does not affect the invoices already sent.

Can I validate VAT numbers with this service?

You can validate all Belgian VAT numbers, this validation checks the validity of the provided VAT number and whether it is registered in the VIES database for cross-border transactions. However, even if the VAT number couldn’t be located in the VIES-database, it’s possible the number is valid for domestic transactions (within Belgium).

Can I request Nacebel-codes with this service?

You can consult European Union NACE codes through the activities of the companies, directly through the NACE code or through a search query.

Can I change my subscription at any time?

You can upgrade the subscription at any time, unless you are already on the highest subscription, in that case please contact us. Changing to a lower subscription ('downgrading') is only possible starting at a new payment period. The exact period end-date you can find on your dashboard.

Which API-version should I implement?

We have marked version 1 as deprecated, it will still be available and will still receive company details update. However, it will not receive any technical updates anymore. We are planning to phase it out in the first quarter of 2022. So it’s advisable to upgrade or implement the latest version when you have the chance, and not to implement any older versions for new projects.

My API limit has been exceeded, what can I do?

If you have exceeded your API limit, access to certain endpoints will be blocked until a new period starts. You can find your limits and the start date of the new period on your dashboard. If you want to use your API again immediately after exceeding the limit, you can upgrade to a higher subscription plan. If you already have the highest subscription, please contact us, so that we can send you a suitable quote for a custom plan.

Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

Unfortunately, it is not possible yet to renew your subscription automatically. The maximum length for a subscription is currently one year. In your settings you can indicate when you wish to receive an e-mail when your subscription is about to expire and can be renewed. By default this is set to two weeks.

What is CBE?

CBE stands for the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (Dutch for: Kruispuntbank voor Ondernemingen). This database stores all basic data of all companies and establishment units. Behind the CBE is a service that ensures that the database of company numbers is maintained. They take care of recording, managing and publishing the CBE numbers and information associated with them.

How often are the company details updated?

The CBE updates its registration data once a month, so the company data in our database is no more than one month old.

Is this website part of the Belgian government?

We are not part of the Belgian government, we are a Dutch commercial company that exploits an extensive API, making it easier to be retrieve company data and integrate it into applications.